About 5 Pillars Farm Cemetery

about usFive Pillars Cemetery (Five Pillars Farm Cemetery) is the First and the oldest cemetery for Muslims in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

Efforts to search for land and establish a Muslim owned cemetery started around the year 1994-1995 due to following reasons:

  • Hayward cemetery‚Äôs portion for Muslims was getting full.
  • Its cost was getting too steep for an average Muslim family.
  • In addition to the grief of loosing their loved ones, they have to bear the stress of enormous financial burden.

We looked at several locations including Sunol, Grant Line road, Livermore and other areas. We finally chose the Livermore site and purchase the land in 1996, because of its easy access to the Highways.

Getting approval for a Use Permit for the Cemetery was tough process.
Finally after satisfying the various conditions of Federal & State Regulating Agencies, a Conditional Use Permit was issued on December 18,1996 by the Alameda County Planning Department for a 5 acres cemetery at 1761 Laughlin Road, Livermore, CA 94551.

Since non of has any experience at running a cemetery, the original plan the North side of the cemetery proved not to be very practical.

So a new plan was implement on the South Side of the cemetery:

  • Not selling the gravesite in advance, it is sold as the need arise.
  • By hiring Gravesite Engineering Companies, who build Veterans Cemeteries.
  • By designing walking spaces for easy access to the graves.
  • By implementing the policies & procedures which clarifying what is allowed and what are the restrictions. (See rules & Regulations)

Alhamdulilah, Now the cemetery is uniform, neater and more potential.

Clients Testimonials

  • Five Pillars Cemetery owner and staff guided us through the entire process. Even though we were mourning our loss, everyone made us feel like we were family.We felt comfortable and safe. The Funeral for our Mom was beautiful. My sister's, brother's and I, along with the rest of the family were truly satisfied with everything.

    Sara Javid
    Santa Clara, California
  • Its a great cemetary and I especially like that I can enter after hours and pray for my deceased family member. 

    Aysha Ali
    San Jose, California
  • Nice clean and organized place for people who are resting and the people who come and visit them. So who ever is reading this, and your loved one has passed away, I truly recommend you have Five Pillars cemetery take care of you and your loved one's.

    Naveed Khan
    Peshawar, Pakistan